Drink, Smoke
and Live to 100?

New Studies Confirm: Live a Long, Energetic Life WITHOUT Disease... Even if You Do "Bad Things"
Like Drink, Smoke and Avoid Exercise

Dear Health Conscious Reader,

Ever wonder why some folks can eat right, avoid alcohol and exercise like mad, only to die young anyway? Or why other people can drink like fish, smoke like chimneys, never do a lick of exercise and STILL live into their 90s?

It doesn't seem fair... but there's a reason behind it.

Researchers discovered a protective molecule these lucky people have. I'm talking about the ones who can do whatever they damn well please and reach their 100th birthday without so much as catching cold or stepping foot in a hospital.

You see, this nutrient is something we all have... but in varying amounts.

Have a lot, and you can "get away with murder." But if your levels are low, you can exercise non stop, eat veggies until the cows come home, and you won't live long enough to cash your first social security check.

Ironically, doctors and researchers have known about this for years... but no one paid attention because there was no way to get more of it into your body.

Suddenly, all that has changed...

Now You can "Break the Rules" and
STILL Avoid the Pitfalls of Getting Older

The invention of a new "delivery technology" finally makes it possible for YOU to get that same "bullet-proof body." Just like the people who smoke 4 packs a day and live cancer free until the day they die.

It's like drawing the "get out of jail free" card when you're playing Monopoly. It gets you back in the game instantly. It doesn't matter what the rules are... you can break them.

Today, I'll show you how to do the same thing. Only this time, the stakes are higher.

You'll discover how this one nutrient -- that your body makes on its own -- protects you from the effects of smoking, alcohol, a bad diet... even the lack of exercise.

And I'm NOT talking about human growth hormone (HGH), CoQ10, vitamin C, or any of those "super supplements." This is something that's flown under the radar for decades.

Now for the first time, YOU can use this same technology to make incredible gains in your physical, mental and emotional health.

Here's a quick look:

PLUS much more...

And if you think this sounds impossible, keep reading.

I'll show you the clinical evidence, published in dozens of mainstream medical journals that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what you're about to discover is the real deal.

Here's how it works.

Your Body Has Its Own Blue Zone

Talked about in best-selling books and featured on TV shows like Oprah and Dr. Oz, "Blue Zones" are the mysterious places around the world where people live to 100 and beyond... without disease or the loss of their physical or mental powers.

These lucky folks don't seem to suffer like the rest of us do... they're happy and content and don't need to run on treadmills or follow strict diets.

For the rest of us, we have to give up everything that makes life enjoyable. We're told it's for our own good, so that we don't get cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and all the other terrifying diseases that keep us up at night.

But I have something to share with you. The reason these blue zone people never get sick has NOTHING to do with living in some exotic location.

New research reveals how these long-lived people have high levels of a super protective molecule inside every one of their cells.

This molecule, which many doctors are calling the "Master Guardian," protects you from the daily assaults like chemicals, pollution, toxins, processed food, heavy metals... even drinking alcohol... and yes, even smoking!

Beyond the Blue Zone:

Discover Your Built In Anti-Aging Miracle

On the tiny Greek island of Ikaria, lives a small community of people so healthy they are three times more likely than an American to live into their 90s. Not only that, but they live 8 to 10 years longer than Americans before showing any signs of illnesses like cancer or heart disease.

And 80% of the men on Ikaria between 65 and 100 enjoy sex on a regular basis... without Viagra!

Ikaria's 99 square miles are just one of a few "blue zones" on earth – hot spots where the diseases that plague modern society are almost unknown and people routinely live to 100 and beyond.

You're about to discover the secret of getting all the benefits of living in a "blue zone" without having to pack up and leave your friends and family behind.

Check out these studies:

But I'm getting way ahead of myself. Let me tell you how I know about this amazing discovery.

I Was a "Doubting Thomas" Until
I Felt the Effects First Hand

My name is Jason Kennedy and I've chased a lot of wild health claims in my day.

I'm a health science writer, researcher and editor. I research and ghostwrite books, articles and newsletters for the world's leading anti-aging medical doctors, healers and innovators in the alternative health field.

And when you've been in this business as long as I have, you're always skeptical of anything that claims to be a health "breakthrough" or a "new cure" or just sounds too good to be true. Over the years, I've learned to sort out the truth from the hype.

For decades, I followed some very intriguing research and I was truly amazed by the mounting evidence of the life-extending powers of the Master Guardian.

But for a long time there was no way to put this knowledge to work in your body. Until now. Researchers have finally developed a new technology to make this miraculous cell protector available to you.

And that's why I'm writing to you today.

The research you hold in your hands, coupled with the new technology, could change your life.

I'm talking about making the risk of cancer, heart disease and dementia just go away, while you ENJOY your life – even SEX and ALCOHOL – well into your 90s and beyond.

Take a look at the evidence.

People with High Levels of the
Master Guardian Seem to Be "Indestructible"

People with the highest levels of the Master Guardian are the ones who routinely live past 100.

The Danish researchers I mentioned earlier discovered that levels of the Master Guardian were higher in centenarians (age 100 to 105) than in people age 60 to 79. And among the centenarian group, those who were the most active had the very highest levels.

Simply put, people with more of the Master Guardian have fewer illnesses.

That's because this single molecule is your body's most important defense against the kind of cellular damage that makes you grow old before your time.

Researchers from the prestigious John Hopkins Medical Institute showed that reduced activity of the Master Guardian was directly responsible for BOTH the disabilities and chronic diseases in women between the ages of 65 and 100.

Other research shows that patients with low levels of the Master Guardian circulating in their bodies were more likely to develop:

But the opposite is true, too. The researchers found that elderly individuals with higher levels of the Master Guardian had lower rates of death and fewer illnesses.

Scientists explain it this way. People with low levels of the Master Guardian are overcome with the cellular damage that builds up over a lifetime and leads to illness and death.

But older healthy folks who make it into their 100s all have high levels of this Master Guardian. They don't give in to illness or disease like most folks, and they keep going strong no matter what.

In just a moment, I'll show you how these "supermen" and "superwomen" don't fall victim to heart disease, cancer or dementia.

But first, let's look at their overall immunity... it's far more powerful and comprehensive than the average Joe.

Super-Human Effect #1:
Becoming a Man (or Woman) of Steel

Have you ever wondered how some people breeze through life with a "bullet-proof" constitution while others seem to be walking epidemics?

One problem is, as you age, your immune response starts to break down. That's why so many elderly people are at high risk of contracting the flu and pneumonia.

But reduced immunity isn't confined to older people. If you seem to catch a cold every time somebody sneezes, it could be that running low on this critical immune fuel. In fact, if your levels are low, your body can't mount an effective attack against invaders. Period.

But studies show that if your levels of the Master Guardian are high enough, your immunity is rock solid, keeping you free from sickness. Nothing seems to touch you.

Here's why: The Master Guardian is the arsenal your immune system draws on to make, mobilize and activate your immune cells.

The Master Guardian plays an essential role in lymphocyte function, T-cell production, and activation. Adequate levels are absolutely necessary for T-cells to multiply so they can better fight infection. It's particularly vital in keeping the "CD8 killer cells" active and ready to destroy damaged or infected cells.

Depletion of the Master Guardian leads to a big loss of CD8 killer cells in your body. It also reduces the function of "natural killer cells" (NKCs.)

But here's the good news: Research shows that increasing your levels of the Master Guardian can almost completely restore your natural killer cells. These are your immune system's most aggressive cells. They're so powerful, they can even seek out and destroy cancer cells. (More on that later.)

And with a FULL storehouse of immune cells, you never get the diseases that so often lead to early death.

"Worried About Those New Airport Scanners?"

Every time you go through a U.S. airport, you're faced with a dilemma.

Do you expose yourself to unwanted radiation in the X-ray scanner or do you submit to a humiliating and intrusive full body search?

The "backscatter" X-ray machines used by the TSA emit a narrow beam of high-intensity radiation, which quickly moves across your body to produce an image.

The scanners emit enough radiation to damage DNA and cause cancer. (Especially if they're not maintained or properly calibrated.)

Our skin and the tissue directly under our skin absorbs the radiation from a backscatter X-ray machine. That's why anyone who has or had skin cancer is at high risk. Children, pregnant women and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

The U.S. has ignored these safety concerns, but The European Union bans the backscatter body scanners in all European airports, "in order not to risk jeopardizing citizens' health and safety." (Thanks, Uncle Sam.)

So what do you do? If you opt for the scanner, here's how your Master Guardian protects you:

  • First, the Master Guardian acts as an antioxidant to scavenge free radicals produced by exposure to the backscatter radiation.
  • Second, it helps repair damaged DNA so you don't get cancer down the road.
  • And finally, it helps get oxygen-rich blood delivered throughout the your body. That's important because low oxygen levels can increase your sensitivity to radiation.

Super-Human Effect #2:
Why Some People Can Drink Like Fish... and Get Away With It

Do you know someone who enjoys more than a few cocktails every day and never seems to show the effects? In fact, they seem to thrive in their old age?

It's the power of the Master Guardian working inside their liver.

Your liver is your body's number one detoxifier. It works 24/7 clearing toxins like drugs, alcohol, heavy metals and other poisons from your blood, tissues and other organs.

And here's the thing. Your liver has a higher concentration of the Master Guardian than any other organ in your body. And it works in harmony with a complex group of enzymes.

These enzymes are like arresting officers that handcuff toxic compounds to the Master Guardian who escorts them safely out of your body through your bowels and kidneys.

If you have an especially heavy load of toxins, or if you don't have enough of this protective compound, your liver can't put up a defense. And THAT'S when you get in trouble.

In fact, researchers in Italy and Japan have confirmed that patients with alcoholic liver disease show a significant deficiency of this Master Guardian.

Just by maintaining adequate levels of the Master Guardian, you can manage your alcohol without paying a big price for it.

Now I'm not saying you should turn into a lush just because you can... of course you should always drink responsibly.

But now you don't have to feel guilty about it... and you don't have to take a lot of heat from the "diet cops" who are always giving you dirty looks whenever you grab a beer from the fridge or knock back a gin and tonic.

Super-Human Effect #3:
Snuff Out the Cancer-Causing
DNA Damage from Cigarette Smoke

How do some people chain smoke and escape lung cancer while others suffer from asthma and bronchitis without ever taking a single puff?

My great-grandmother -- God rest her soul -- smoked 3 packs a day from the time she was 14 all the way into her mid-80s without ever catching a cold. No one could figure it out. Especially since no one else in our family had that kind of "iron-lung" constitution.

Her feat was amazing considering that more than 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke can lead to cancer and other deadly diseases.

Whenever someone lights up, lethal toxins are released into the environment and everyone suffers. Even non-smokers can develop lung cancer from secondhand smoke.

But we DON'T have to wear gas masks (or have my great-grandmother's iron lungs) to protect ourselves. Here's why.

The Master Guardian is your body's most potent detoxifier. It "traps and zaps" the vicious toxins from smoking that threaten your DNA, and it stops the cell damage that can lead to the development of cancer cells.

Here's something else: Concentrations of the Master Guardian are very high in your lung tissue. Even if you don't smoke, if your levels drop, you'll be more vulnerable to bronchitis, mucus buildup, COPD, emphysema and just about every other terrible thing that can happen to your lungs.

But decades of research reveal that the Master Guardian can reduce the harmful effects of smoking by mopping up and neutralizing oxidized free radicals at the cellular level. Especially in your lung tissue.

And that's not all it does. It can also help in the synthesis and repair of damaged DNA.

According to a number of studies, certain nutrients that boost our Master Guardian levels have the potential to prevent cancer and suppress tumor development.

And Scottish researchers found that the Master Guardian could make an important difference in the lung health of smokers.

Super-Human Effect #4:
Men Stay Sexually Charged For Longer
Than ANYONE Thought Possible

I'll admit I was amazed when I heard that 80% of the older men living in the blue zone of Ikaria enjoy satisfying sex on a regular basis... without those "little blue pills."

And some of these guys are close to 100-years old!

Here's what you need to know. About 96% of the testosterone in a man's body is produced in "Leydig cells" located in the testes.

But these cells MUST have a supply of the Master Guardian.

Studies show that when levels of the Master Guardian drop inside these Leydig cells, testosterone production DROPS by 40% to 50%.

It's VERY possible that a lack of the Master Guardian is the PRIMARY cause of erectile dysfunction in men... and that's tragic when you consider most guys rely on drugs to fix the problem without EVER realizing there's a much easier solution.

Now that it's possible to get more of the Master Guardian in your body, you can realistically boost your testosterone by a FULL 50%.

That's why men who live in Blue Zones like Ikaria are able to stay potent and sexually active at 100-years old WITHOUT drugs.

It sounds incredible, but when you "feed" the cells that make testosterone, it makes sense that these cells will continue to make more of this powerful sex hormone... no matter how old you are.

Your Doctor Says, "Eat More Fish"
But What About Mercury Poisoning?

Has your doctor told you to get plenty of fish in your diet? It's true that fish are full of heart-healthy, brain-protecting omega-3 fats.

But eating fish is also the #1 source of the toxic heavy metal mercury.

Many are now questioning whether the mercury risk from fish is worth the heart and brain benefits.

A Finnish study found men with the highest concentrations of mercury have the highest death rates from cardiovascular disease, congestive heart failure and stroke.

And researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health discovered that men who suffered a heart attack had mercury levels just 15% higher than normal... which is VERY common today.

What can you do?

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends eating only 12 ounces of low mercury seafood per week. Low mercury options include shrimp, salmon, Pollock and catfish.

More importantly, you can maintain your levels of the Master Guardian to help prevent mercury from building up in your body. This master heavy metal detoxifier binds with mercury and drags it out of your body like a magnet.

Now you can enjoy your fish (even sushi) WITHOUT the risks.

Super-Human Effect #5:
Keep a Razor-Sharp Memory and
NEVER Lose Your Sanity

In Blue Zones, dementia is almost completely unknown.

That means these folks never have "senior moments," lose their memory or face the more horrifying problems like dementia or Alzheimer's.

So what's the secret to a long life with happy memories, productive days and active independence?

Science is focusing on the Master Guardian as a significant predictor of how healthy your brain will be as you age.

At the University of Wales, researchers found that Alzheimer's patients with low plasma levels of the Master Guardian had a greater loss of their mental abilities than those with higher levels.

And the good news is you can dramatically boost your brain power by ramping up your Master Guardian levels.

Here's convincing proof: A double-blind placebo controlled study from the Albuquerque Veteran's Affairs Medical Center found that early stage Alzheimer patients showed improved cognitive function after only 3 to 6 months of treatment to increase their levels of the Master Guardian.

This cutting-edge research offers hope that you can halt the build-up of devastating Alzheimer's plaques in your brain and stay mentally sharp into your old age.

But it can also help stop the number one killer in the U.S...

Super-Human Effect #6:
Lower Your Blood Pressure and
Protect Against Heart Attack and Stroke

Research reveals that people who suffered a heart attack, stroke and brain hemorrhage all have lower blood levels of the Master Guardian... while elevated levels are linked to a decreased risk.

In one study, Scottish researchers found that patients with heart disease had Master Guardian levels about 20 percent lower than those of healthy people.

And that confirms something that shouldn't surprise you: The Master Guardian is essential for your heart and blood vessels, too.

But one of the most promising results is getting more nitric oxide into your blood.

Nitric oxide (NO) helps your blood vessels relax and expand, controls blood clotting factors, regulates your blood pressure and much, much more. But when nitric oxide drops off, bad things start to happen:

And when researchers at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland injected the Master Guardian into patients with atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) or its risk factors, they saw a BOOST of nitric oxide and significant improvements in the signs of their disease.

What's more, the Master Guardian clears away plaque build up by 30% in just 60 days!

That means lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and a reliable way to get rid of plaque buildup... WITHOUT taking cholesterol or blood pressure drugs.

You Were NOT Meant to Live Like a Monk...
Now You Can Celebrate Life with No Apologies

In today's world, everything is "bad" for you.

We feel like we have to avoid the things we love, like red meat or a relaxing drink after a long day. We feel obliged to do things we don't want to do like hit the treadmill before dawn every morning.

The nagging "health police" ruin everything fun and enjoyable... or bury it in guilt.

Of course there are threats out there. The air is full of environmental pollutants like cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and heavy metals. Our fruits and vegetables are filled with toxic pesticides. Farm animals are pumped with antibiotics and synthetic hormones. Deepwater fish is loaded with mercury.

So what are you going to do?

One way to avoid disease is by locking yourself away in a monk's cell where you can:

That's no way to live!

When you understand the real reason some people fall sick with disease while others just enjoy the world's bounty and thrive, you can relax and stop worrying.

Of course, I'm not saying you can go overboard, but you can enjoy the finer things in life if you understand the power of the Master Guardian.

The research is overwhelming but very few people know about it.

You'll get all the details about how to find and use the "Master Guardian" in my newest release:

Beyond the Blue Zone:
Live to 100 Without Disease...
Even If You Drink, Smoke and Avoid Exercise

And right now, putting the "Master Guardian" to work for you couldn't be easier...Beyond the Blue Zone

There are no big expenses, no early morning exercise routines and no crazy diets. And you DON'T have to give up what you love to eat and drink, or even move to a Greek island.

Beyond the Blue Zone is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to use.

I want you and your family to discover what this Master Guardian is, see first-hand the research I've uncovered, and understand how you can use it to extend the number of years you have to enjoy a vital, productive and disease-free life with your loved ones.

In Beyond the Blue Zone I'll show you:

PLUS I'll show you ALL the detailed research that supports all the stunning benefits I've shared with you in this letter... with a few surprises I haven't told you about yet!

Why Didn't Your Doctor Tell You About This Yet?

For years researchers have been working on a new delivery system for the Master Guardian... and that's why you (and your doctor) have probably never heard of this super molecule.

There was no way to get more of it into your body.

But those days are over!

The new delivery technology is here... it's tested, and it WORKS.

One groundbreaking study showed that this new delivery system is 100 TIMES MORE POTENT... and the only form that actually gets absorbed.

Give "Beyond the Blue Zone" a Try Today and
Receive Special Pre-Publication Savings

When this book is released in print, it will cost $37.97. But I just can't wait for the print version. I'm too excited to get this life-changing information out to as many people as possible... as quickly as possible.

So today, I'm making an advanced digital version available for you at a special pre-publication price.

Download your copy of Beyond the Blue Zone TODAY and you'll pay just $24.97.

But I need to hear from you now! The price will go up as soon as the print version rolls off the presses.

Download Beyond the Blue Zone RIGHT NOW and find out what the "Master Guardian" is and just how simple it is to get started.

You're FULLY Backed By My No-Hassle Guarantee

If at any time within a FULL YEAR of using Beyond the Blue Zone, you decide it's not for you... or for ANY reason at all...
just send me an email and you'll get a FULL refund. No
questions asked

That way, I take ALL the risk.

And YOU get the opportunity to enjoy a life of privilege
and intense ENJOYMENT while at the same time you
dramatically LOWER your risk of disease, dementia and
all the other pitfalls that come with getting older.

Click HERE to try Beyond the Blue Zone: Live to 100 Without Disease...
Even If You Drink, Smoke and Avoid Exercise

Wishing You Strength & Vitalty,

Jason Kennedy

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